Saturday, December 22, 2012

A new beginning

Dec 21, 2012 is a day worthy of a blog. For many it is worthy of much more, like reaping the fruit of preparing for the end of the world in their well equipped houses or bunkers. I heard about two Romanian businessmen brothers who spent 100K euros building a refuge in the mountains. At least they have learned organic farming.

Haven't thought much about this day in the past. But today thinking about it, I know that this is the beginning of a new era. I believe people will become more spiritual, where human values like compassion, friendliness, enthusiasm, contentment will be widespread, similarly how negative news, horror movies, violent games etc have reigned in last decades.

More people will meditate than not, finding another dimension, not explored, the inner world, the inner strength.

Luckily I have started to align with this new era for the past ten years since I started to practice meditation, breathing exercises and changing my negative patterns like anger, anxiety, etc to become more aware about I feel and think, all this owing to the teachings of  +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. But in the last couple of months I started to think that I'm not using the ultimate freedom I got by freeing myself of negativity, fear and by gaining deeper intuition, clear mind, and new skills in dealing with people around me.

It is like I became a beautiful mature tree, full of green leaves, strong roots, even the birds are chirping on my branches but I'm shy to make flowers.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says: "one thing that you should know is that you don't know yourself. But when you wake up and see that, ‘Hey, I don’t know myself’, then it is a new beginning. Then you will discover that there are so many strengths within you that you were not aware of."

Ok, now I woke up. Now what? I'm looking for the next clue. Again I return to the same source to get the next clue: "You need to have a goal, a vision of what you want to be and what is it that you want to do – this you must have."

Most people have an idea of what they want to become, few are pursuing it. Most of us we settle with what society, family, job is requiring from us, getting comfortable in the railway tracks of life. Inertia comes. When was the last time a passion arose in me, in you, that brings out the vigor, valor, joy or enthusiasm. In Sanskrit there is one word that describes all this: shakti.

And the beauty is that any small step towards the goal doesn't feel like a burn, no, it's more like a flame giving you that inner pleasure that you are one step closer.

If I have to reconstruct myself, with no limitations, adding  a red flower on this branch, and then blossoming a blue flower on the other branch, painting my own Eden garden, what would that be? I learned from one of the most powerful +The Art of Living teachers, Rajshree, that unless you have a crystal clear concept, any vague, fuzzy ideas will not manifest. I need to have a clear image of the one I'll become.

This morning I spent some time to paint that Eden garden, with all the details. You know it takes courage. Because there is always sneaky thoughts whispering: 'It is too far out, it is impossible for you, it will take all your life to get there and if you get there, you are too old for it'.

The paint for tomorrow has drawn a scene where I sleep 6 hours, take a shower, do my morning practice (padmasadhna, meditation, breathing exercises), and not fall asleep again.  I usually do my practice first and then shower as water first thing in the morning calls for some old drowning impressions.

+Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says: "every moment is a new beginning. You wake up and say, 'This is a new beginning!' That is it!

There is no 'How'. That is how it is. Just let go!"

I got it. There is no 'How'. The beginning starts now. 'That is it!'